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English literary club


  • Mrs. Shobhana Reghunath
  • Mrs. Shakinah Samson
  • Mrs. Kavitha P.
  • Mrs. Shirley W
  • Mrs. Shaheena Sigamany
  • Mrs. Sharon Renaux
  • Mrs. Wanda D’cruz
  • Mrs. Ursella Bosser
Aims and Objective
  • Unearthing and fostering new talents.
  • Develop fluency in English.
  • Improve pronunciation.
  • Inculcate Reading habit.
  • Coherence of ideas
  • To counter-argue in debates
  • To the energy and develop the skill of acting in every student
  • To develop Imagination
  • To develop writing skills

tamil literary club

Students were trained every Monday to develop Literacy skills. Play practice is also given.


  • Mr. Nelson – HOD
  • Mrs. Usha M.J.
  • Mrs. J. Prabha
  • Mrs. Kalpana Devi
  • Mrs. Lydia Shanthi
  • Mrs. Justina Sahayamary
  • Mrs. Sudha Elizabeth
  • Mrs. Kamalaveni
  • Mr. Illayaraja

Aims and Objective

  • To develop creativity among students
  • To overcome stage-fear
  • To develop oratorical skills in Tamil
  • To train children in dramatics.

quiz club


  • Mr. S. Antony Raj
  • Mrs. Sonia Oliver
  • Ms. Agnes
  • Mrs. Suguna Roberts
  • Mrs. Sweetline
Aims and Objective
  • Nurturing young talent and inspiring the ignited minors of quizzing.
  • To reinforce too quizzing ‘team work, choosing confidence, encourage, thinking, etc.,’
  • To encourage students to look beyond their knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and practical application of the learning concepts.

science club


  • Mrs. Rachel D James
  • Mr. S. Meenakshisundaram
  • Mr. Martin Luther King
  • Mrs. Suganya Wesley
  • Mrs. Suganthi J.
  • Mrs. Krithiga M.
  • Mrs. Meena Rathna B.
  • Mrs. Jency C.J.
  • Mrs. Sharon Peppin
Aims and Objective
  • To identify the talents of the children
  • To ignite the creative minds of the kids.
  • To develop their scientific attitude.
  • To create an awareness about the boon & bane of science and Technology.
  • To help the children develop an exhibit and a working model.

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