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Heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight.” It was our Founder’s motto to aim high and not to be cowed down by failure. He advised the students at the beginning of the school year, January 1912, “Let us dear children, have a high deal. Aim high, be not content with a mere pass certificate but with a first class pass. If we aim high we will accomplish something, but if we are content with the mediocre we shall reap a very poor harvest.” He also advised the students ” Don’t forget the other race set before you, which you may all win: for the prize is not for one but for all, but you need to practise self control and this means great watchfulness. Your great and loving captain is near to help and encourage you continually and you cannot win without Him. So let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus”.

Robert Stanes was always bothered about the spiritual and emotional development of a child which is highlighted in one of his letters- “Let a boy be educated as best as he can, let him be the finest sportsman in the school; but also let him understand that he needs Christ to make his education and physical training of real use in the world. Education and physical training have never been at such a high standard in the world history as at the present time, but never has the world itself been in such a sad state. May not the reason for this, be found in the fact that, the written Word of God has been so much neglected in some schools and not thought of at all in others.”

152 years of service to the nation! They have meant growth, success, challenges, failures, hard times, revival and resurgence. These epithets describe aspects of the time honored beacon of light – Stanes Higher Secondary School , Coimbatore.

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