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Students should bring the school handbook daily and write the home assignment / test schedules given. If lost, a new one must be purchased from the school office by remitting Rs. 150/-.

Students are not permitted to bring sports equipment of any kind into the classroom or play in the classrooms and corridors.

Students are not permitted to have lunch inside the classrooms.

Birthday celebrations or any other celebrations inside the classroom/ school campus are strictly prohibited.

Students are not allowed to wear jewellery or bring valuable items (such as cell phones, cameras, iPods, electronic items etc.,) to the school. Such items will be confiscated and a fine would be imposed.

Speaking in English is compulsory inside the school premises.


The  following  may  be  interpreted  as  gross  misconduct  for  which disciplinary action may be taken against the student.

Truancy either from assembly or from class

Habitual late coming

Rudeness or insubordination towards the school authorities

Driving a motorised vehicle (inside / outside the School)

Use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs

Stealing or damaging school property including electrical & electronic appliances installed in the classrooms, laboratories and school campus

Spitting, writing or defacing walls or school furniture

Meeting unauthorised people in the school

Ragging or bullying

Malpractice indulged in during tests and examinations

Ordering outside food to be delivered at the school campus.


All students must appear for all the school examinations.

No student will be allowed to leave the examination room/hall while the examination is in progress.

During examinations students should take care to come in proper uniform.

The use of unfair means or malpractices by a student in any examination, will entail the annulment of the entire result. If it occurs during a final examination, promotion will be denied. If the offence is repeated in a subsequent examination, parents/guardians will be required to withdraw their son/daughter/ward from the school.


The School fees must be remitted directly into the State Bank of India, Race Course Road Branch, Coimbatore – 18.

The Parent’s copy of the challan must be preserved till the end of the next academic year. The name of the student with correct spelling and initials and his/her standard and section should be written clearly on all copies of the challan.

If fees are in default, appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken against the defaulter.

Those who opt to use the School Bus can pay the bus fees either as a single remittance or in two parts.



As a rule tuitions are not encouraged. However, in case a student has failed in a particular subject and genuinely requires individual attention, tuition may be arranged in school. All applications for the same must be addressed to the Headmaster, clearly stating the name of the teacher and the subject in which tuition is required. Any tuition arranged without the knowledge and consent of the Headmaster will be viewed seriously.

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