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Nowadays, Home becomes an insecure place and parents look like enemies. Children (of any group) become lonely and seek backups. Very few get good friends, some have gone astray. Many of them fall into unwanted activities or turn to bad friends who take drugs, alcohol, pornography and homosexuality.

Children slowly become hard cored rebels. They lose heir hope of a bright future and even get into depression of ending up their lives.

What is the Remedy?

  • Stop criticizing them.
  • Avoid finding fault.
  • Demeaning and blaming
  • Comparison
  • Avoid arguing and stop putting their felling down
  • Don’t isolate at home.
  • Befriend them and repeat their self Esteem
  • Set limit to whatsapp and other social media. (let that not steal your valuable time with the kids)
  • Encourage, appreciate and motivate when they are downhearted.
  • Don’t raise your voice.
  • Teach them what is good and bad touch.

As a conclusion of this topic, Teens and even preteens generally are exposed to gadgets and media much more than their parents. They are quick and fast to know what happening around. The ignorance of parents makes it easier for children to hide their actions and have no fear of them. So, with the help of prayers and guidance of God we can bring up our children like Joseph, Esther and Deborah.

Mrs. Jemimah Barath,

Student Counselor.

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