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Multi-tasking is rapidly being acknowledged as a necessary skill.

At the Stanes School, our students learn very early to focus, prioritize and effectively juggle preparations for their upcoming class tests, train for soccer matches, and allocate time for the multimedia contest they have signed up for, as well as practise the sitar for the music competition!

Our students take pride in a job well done, however small it may be. The school provides a wealth of opportunities for extracurricular pursuits. Students find their niche and at the same time enjoy exploring uncharted domains. In the process, without their being aware of it, a different aspect of their personality emerges and is honed.

The entire school, including teachers, trek and camp at various predetermined routes chalked out in and around Coimbatore. A love for nature, a deep seated concern for the environment and a yearning for adventure are often the rewards harvested during these bi-annual midterms.

The Stanes School is largely responsible for pioneering the above said concept, which is today avidly followed by quality schools in India.

Clubs and Societies

Those with special interests become active members of specific societies: The Debating Society, The Historical Circle, the Astronomical Society, The Scientific Society, The Nature Club, to name a few.

Stanes pioneered the idea of an elected School Council consisting of students, teachers and the Headmaster. The School Council is a key administrative body that debates various issues concerning the daily lives of the students. An early initiation into the decision-making process indeed!

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