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‘If your hobby becomes your profession, you will always love your work’ …goes an old Persian saying.

Many Stanite have managed to develop their hobby into a full time profession.

Photography, First-Aid, Dramatics, Painting, Music and a host of other activities are offered to our students. Well-trained staff and external instructors supervise these.

Other hobbies which Stanes are actively engaged in are:

  • Trinity College Music Exams
  • Senior English Debating Society
  • Junior English Debating society
  • Model United Nation
  • Chess
  • Elocutions
  • Quiz
  • Maths Colloquium
  • Essay writing competitions
  • Story writing, Reading Awards

News / Events

  • Investiture Ceremony on 23-06-2018

    Investiture Ceremony of the Student Council for the Academic year 2018 - 2019 is ...