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The school believes in the adage ‘catch ’em young’.

In classes seven and eight all the students have two classes a week on ‘Life Skills’.

Run by counselors who have vast experience in working with children, the classes cover most of the issues concerning teenagers and life in a school.

Interactive yet informative, they do our boys a world of good. The boys get an avenue to express themselves freely and values are imparted alongside.

The school also employs the services of a qualified counselor. The emotional upheavals and uncertainties of adolescence along with major and minor irritants are dealt with effectively by him.

Counselling at The Stanes School is headed by a professional counsellor trained in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. The counselling model followed is the ‘All Round Counselling Model’

  • Provides personal counselling for self referred, referred students and the rest of the community
  • Provide social and emotional assessment to identify student needs and develop interventions and prevention programme
  • Life skills education that allows them to effectively deal with different situations like conflict resolution, relationship management, sexual health, stress and managing peer pressure.
  • Individual and group sessions are offered to students to consult the counsellor
  • Early intervention is the key aspect of the ‘All round counselling model’

Everyone needs someone to talk to, someone who can be non -judgemental, someone who is confidential and is willing to listen and when it comes to children an adult who will give them the right suggestion. This is the basic methodology of student counselling, the other process of being directive or nondirective helps in resolving some issues which the student might be experiencing in school. The school based intervention provides an experience that will strengthen a child’s coping abilities to counter environmental stress.

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