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To register for the entrance test, please send a request for the Application Form with a Demand Draft (in favour of “The Principal, The Stanes School”) of Rs.1000/- (Add Rs.50/- only for postage) or Send the completed form to us with the Birth Certificate and a Registration Fee as per the schedule given below, to be paid by Demand Draft. This fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. On completion of these formalities the application will be allotted a Registration Number which shall be used in all subsequent correspondence. Registration does not imply any guarantee of admission. You may register your son any time after his birth till a month before the entrance date of the relevant year. Registration for the entrance test will be closed 15 days before the date of the entrance test of the relevant year. Please note that the school will not make changes in the date of birth after the boy has been admitted.

Registration Fee

5 – 7 years Rs. 17500/-
7 – 9 years Rs. 21000/-
9 – 11 years Rs. 28000/-
11 – 13 years Rs. 35000/-

The age of the student will be calculated as on the date of receipt of the application form and payment in the office.

The onus of the next communication will be on the school in the year the child completes 6 years of age. Reminders will not be necessary but it is essential that changes in address be promptly notified to the school.

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