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About 152 years ago, a little sailing vessel called ‘TRAFALGAR’ belonging to the well known Green Line sailing vessels, sailed into Madras harbour. One of its passengers was destined to fame. Robert Stanes, an Englishman, just 17 years of age, alighted on Indian soil to live and die as Sir Robert Stanes. He had come to join his brothers James, William and Thomas, in the Nilgiris who were great pioneers in coffee curing. The Stanes family owned many estates in The Nilgiris, Valparai and Palani in South India. Although coffee was their chief interest, Sir Robert Stanes soon shifted to Coimbatore where he became a pioneer in textile development (Stanes Mills) and a leading automobile businessman (Stanes Motors).

In 1862, Sir Robert Stanes, then only twenty years old, started a day school for the children of his employees. The beginning was very humble – a small rented house with just two teachers and four pupils.

In 1914 Robert Stanes was awarded the Kaiser-I-Hind and in 1920 he was knighted. In the year 1936, he died a comparatively poor man, but left behind him rich memories of charity, godliness and kindness.

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