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Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School has been and is one of the Best schools in the Coimbatore District for the past several decades. Boasting of a rich history, with a spacious campus in the heart of the industrial town Coimbatore, the school has produced fine examples of responsible citizens who strive to make the world a better place.

Our students are known for their values, responsibilities, leadership qualities and challenge facing abilities.
We concentrate on aiming high as our motto is to “Aim for the Highest”.

The school stands today on a spacious campus of 25 acres in the heart of town, and has large well ventilated classrooms among plenty trees and gardens. The medium of instruction is English, with due importance given to the regional language as well.

Skilled and experienced teachers under the able leadership of highly capable leaders, with the constant support of administrative staff and silent workers, all guided by a highly motivated Board of Directors who aid the daily functioning of the school and ensure the correct course of direction of the total Institution.


Admission in Stanes school is soley based on merit. Kindly contact the School office for applications.

Student Life

Become part of the proud heritage of Stanites,and enjoy the exclusive stanes experience.


Unleashing the spirit of sportsmanship, team work & leadership, sports has a special part in Stanes culture.


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