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About our Founder

About 152 years ago, a little sailing vessel called ‘TRAFALGAR’ belonging to the well known Green Line sailing vessels, sailed into Madras harbour.

One of its passengers was destined to fame. Robert Stanes, an Englishman, just 17 years of age, alighted on Indian soil to live and die as Sir Robert Stanes. He had come to join his brothers James, William and Thomas, in the Nilgiris who were great pioneers in coffee curing. The Stanes family owned many estates in The Nilgiris, Valparai and Palani in South India.

Although coffee was their chief interest, Sir Robert Stanes soon shifted to Coimbatore where he became a pioneer in textile development (Stanes Mills) and a leading automobile businessman (Stanes Motors).In 1862, Sir Robert Stanes, then only twenty years old, started a day school for the children of his employees.

The beginning was very humble – a small rented house with just two teachers and four pupils.In 1914 Robert Stanes was awarded the Kaiser-I-Hind and in 1920 he was knighted. In the year 1936, he died a comparatively poor man, but left behind him rich memories of charity, godliness and kindness.


In 1862, Sir Robert Stanes, then only twenty years old, started a day school for the children of his employees. The beginning was very humble – a small rented house with just two teachers and four pupils.

Today, the school nestles in a spacious campus in the heart of Coimbatore, with about 3000 students and 140 staff on its rolls.When it was founded, the school was solely an European and Eurasian school.

The portals of the school have been since thrown open to all, irrespective of their creed, community or status. The exclusive minority rights for Anglo-Indian children are still being retained, thus honoring the Founder’s wishes.

Stanes Higher Secondary School is a landmark in the city called the ‘Manchester of the South’ and a hallmark in quality education. It continues to be the most sought after school in Coimbatore. Some of the heritage buildings have been maintained and used as classrooms.

The school houses a well stocked library, a music room, two computer labs, a chapel, separate labs for physics, chemistry and biology, a separate Nursery block and a state-of-the art indoor stadium enclosing two basketball courts, two badminton courts, two table tennis courts and a well-equipped gymnasium.

Governing Board

  • Administers
  • Staff members

Mrs. Mercy Oommen


Mr. Philip R J Fowler


Mr. W.R. Gardner

Hon. Secretary

Dr. Mrs. Sucheeta Ramachandran

Hon. Treasurer

Dr. James J. Gnanadoss


Dr. A. Ebenezer Jeyakumar


Mr. A. Baldrey


Prof. M.S. Packianathan


Mrs. Dorothy Anto

Montessori Training

Mrs. Louella Fernandez

Montessori Training

Mrs. Beulah Fordson

Sec. Gr. Training

Mrs. J. Fernandez

Montessori Training

Mrs. Finella Xavier

Montessori Training

Mrs. Cheryl Rodrigues

Montessori Training

Mrs. Sangeetha

B.Lit., Montessori Training

Mrs. J. Jothi Davendran

Hindi Pandit


School Rules

Instructions, Rules and Regulations

Stanes Nursery School TEACHERS are delighted to welcome all the new admissions for the forth coming academic year 2019-2020. We deem it our pleasure to be entrusted with your children. Our concern for your child is to ensure that they have a very joyful and purposeful year ahead, and we are looking forward to nurture and prepare your child for life ‘outside of the comfort’ of their home. By teaching and disciplining them at this young age, we build them up to face the future with confidence and help them take control of challenging circumstances surrounding them. We hope that you, parents, will entrust your child to us and give us the co-operation needed to make this academic year 2018-2019 a successful one.


Date Day From To
10.06.19 Monday 8.45 a.m. 10.30 a.m.
11.06.19 Tuesday 8.45 a.m. 11.00 a.m.
12.06.19 Wednesday 8.45 a.m. 11.30 a.m.
13.06.19 Thursday 8.45 a.m. 12 noon
14.06.19 Friday 8.45 a.m. 12 noon

From the 17th June 2019 onwards the LKG section will work for the full day - from 8.45 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.


Date Day From To
06.06.19 Thursday 8.45 a.m. 10.30 a.m.
07.06.19 Friday 8.45 a.m. 12.00 p.m.

From the 10th June 2019 onwards the UKG will work for the full day – from 8.45 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Uniform and Hygiene

Boys Girls
Blue shirt with piping on sleeves and collar with a checked pant. Black Velcro shoes and socks with a white stripe. (prescribed by the school). Shirts should be tucked. Blue checked Frock. Black Velcro shoes and socks with a white stripe. (prescribed by the school)
Please use marking ink to write the name of your child on the Pant and shirt. Please use marking ink to write the name of your child on uniform.
Wearing of undergarments is very important. Wearing of undergarments and Bloomers is very important.
  • Girls with long hair should be plaited neatly and fastened with a Black ribbon or hair band. Girls with short hair should wear a black head band or black hair clips.
  • Flowers, hanging ear rings and chains (Gold or Artificial ) should not be worn.
  • All the children should carry a hand kerchief or tissues every day.
  • Uniforms and socks should be washed regularly. Shoes to be polished every day.
  • A spare casual wear, should be kept in the bag, to use, in case of emergency.
  • Please trim your child’s nails regularly. Bags and lunch bags to be washed periodically.
  • Coming to school uniformly attired (well pressed) not only presents a good sight but also enhances the student’s personality, confidence and self esteem. We are particular that children should turn out smartly dressed in the prescribed uniform pattern and fabric. Your kind cooperation is solicited in this regard.

Punctuality and Attendance

  • Punctuality is very important. Children should be inside the school campus latest by 8.50am. Habitual late coming not appreciated.
  • Students absenting themselves during the academic year, could use the page provided in the hand book to write the reason for being absent instead of a letter. A ‘Medical Certificate’ should be produced in case of absence, for more than 3 days, due to sickness.
  • Absence for petty reasons is not appreciated and should be discouraged by parents.

Books, Stationery and activity materials

  • Books to be neatly covered, labeled and the name, class and section to be written on the label and on the first page of every book. Please use transparent plastic covers to cover the books. Please do not staple the cover to the book.
  • All books, stationery and activity materials to be handed over to the class teacher.
  • Slates should be cleaned every day. Slate and hand book should be sent everyday.

Toilet Training

  • Please train your child to finish his / her toilet duties before he / she comes to school. Instruct your children to tell the teacher should they want to use the rest room.
  • Messing themselves makes the children uncomfortable and messing the classroom causes a lot of inconvenience.
  • Children should be taught to flush before and after using the toilet and also to wash themselves after they finish. Boys need to be taught how to urinate.
  • Children who have travel sickness should be given milk an hour before getting into their conveyance.
  • If old school uniform is provided in an emergency please wash and return them.

Birthday Celebrations

  • A student can wear coloured clothes on the birthday and bring chocolates for their classmates, teachers and sub staff.
  • Celebrating birthdays with cakes could be avoided.

Snacks and Lunch

  • Good, healthy food is recommended for your child to stay fit throughout the year.
  • ( Boiled sprouted / not sprouted gram, Vegetables – cucumber, carrot, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds and boiled corn )
  • Well cooked rice with a gravy and vegetable. Should you send variety rice, a suitable amount of oil or ghee should be used.
  • ( Snack, lunch boxes, water bottles, forks and spoons should be washed every day. Hand towels to be changed everyday. )


  • Please use the proper name of the child and not the pet names.
  • Please stick name tags on all snack boxes, water bottles,, school bags, etc.,
  • Do not place the water bottle in the school bag, send it separately in the snack bag.
  • Parents will not be allowed inside the campus during school hours, i.e. from 8.45 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
  • Older brothers and sisters should not visit the child during class hours as children tend to get upset.
  • Parents are requested to refrain from waiting at the drive in area or elsewhere on the campus after the child enters the school campus.


  • All important information that has to be communicated from the school to the parents will be written in the school handbook.
  • Parents are requested to go through the handbook on a daily basis. If any messages are sent, the same should be acknowledged with the parents signature.
  • Avoid comparing one child with another. Each one is special in his / her own way.
  • If your child has any medical problems like wheezing etc., please inform the class teacher concerned.
  • Get the children to sleep early so that they can get up early in the morning and get ready for school on time.
  • Last minute instruction will be sent through SMS.
  • Please understand that your child will develop an aversion for school, if you use the names of teachers to threaten them when you want him/her to do anything.
  • Change of telephone numbers and addresses must be informed to the school immediately in writing.
  • Give / provide phone numbers that are reachable during emergencies.
  • Avoid letting your child play with the cell phone. Later the finger will get numb and children will fine it difficult to write.
  • Fill in all the details in the bio data forms correctly.
  • Please check the web site regularly for information.
  • PARENT ENTRY CARD is MANDATORY to pick up your ward from school.


  • Every child should bring the school handbook every day and write the home assignment / test schedules given in it. If it is lost, a new one must be purchased from the school office by remitting Rs. 150 only.
  • Students are not permitted to bring sports equipment of any kind into the classroom or play in the classrooms and corridors.
  • Ordinarily, students are not permitted to eat their lunch inside the classrooms.
  • Birthday celebrations or any other celebrations inside the classroom/ school campus are strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to wear jewellery or bring valuable items (such as cell phone, camera, iPod and other electronic gadgets) to the school. Such items will be confiscated and a fine imposed.


The following may be interpreted as gross misconduct for which disciplinary action may be taken against the student.

  • Truancy either from assembly or from class
  • Habitual late coming
  • Rudeness or insubordination towards the school authorities
  • Driving a motorised vehicle
  • Use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs
  • Stealing or damaging school property including electrical & electronic appliances installed in the classrooms, laboratories and school campus
  • Spitting, writing or defacing walls or school furniture
  • Meeting unauthorised people in the school.
  • Ragging or bullying
  • Malpractice indulged in during tests and examinations.


The following may be interpreted as gross misconduct for which disciplinary action may be taken against the student.

  • All students must appear for all the school examinations.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the examination room/hall while the examination is in progress.
  • During examinations students should take care to come in proper uniform.
  • The use of unfair means or malpractices by a student in any examination, will entail the annulment of the entire result. If it occurs during a final examination, promotion will be denied. If the offence is repeated in a subsequent examination, parents/guardians will be required to withdraw their son/daughter/ward from the school.


Parents and Guardians are reminded that without their help and cooperation not much can be achieved by the school to mould and improve the character of the child. So, parents are earnestly requested to enforce discipline in their child’s behavior and regularity in work and attendance.


  • In order to appraise themselves of their child’s progress in school, parents are requested to go over to school on the Campus Days after each examination. The dates are mentioned in the School Calendar.
  • Progress Reports will be handed over only to the parents on the Campus Days. It should be signed and returned to the class teacher.
  • Progress Reports will not be sent to the parents through the student under any circumstances. If parents are unable to go over to school on the Campus Day due to unavoidable circumstances they may send a letter of request to the class teacher. The class teacher will assign a date and time convenient to him / her. Parents should not distrub the teachers during the working hours of the school.
  • Students whose report cards have not been collected on the campus day will only be admitted back to class after the parent meets the Principal


  • Fees may be paid as a single remittance or paid according to the schedule of dates allotted to various classes as mentioned on the inside front cover of the Fee remittance challan book. Fees must be remitted directly into the State Bank of India, Race Course Road Branch, Coimbatore – 18.
  • The Parent’s copy of the challan must be preserved till the end of the academic year. The name of the student with the correct spelling and initials and his/her standard and section should be written clearly on all copies of the challan.
  • If fees are in default, appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken against the defaulter.
  • Those who opt to use the School Bus can pay the bus fees either as a single remittence or in two parts.


As a rule tuitions are not encouraged. However, in case a student has failed in a particular subject and genuinely requires individual attention, tuition may be arranged in school. All applications for the same must be addressed to the Principal, clearly stating the name of the teacher and the subject in which tuition is required. Any tuition arranged without the knowledge and consent of the Principal will be viewed seriously.

School Song


Admission in Stanes school is soley based on merit. Kindly contact the School office for applications.

Student Life

Become part of the proud heritage of Stanites,and enjoy the exclusive stanes experience.


Unleashing the spirit of sportsmanship, team work & leadership, sports has a special part in Stanes culture.


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