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Guidance and Counseling

"Feel the warmth"

In today's fast paced world, we often get stressed due to work pressure and other factors. In the same way, it’s natural for children to get stressed and burdened sometimes, due to various reasons.

To take care of this, we have a dedicated and committed team of counsellors.

Our school counsellors help children in all ways, be it academic, social, behavioural or emotional. They work in collaboration with the teachers and parents to create a healthy learning environment that makes them feel comfortable. They also help to provide specific solutions to children with particular problems.

Career Guidance

"Showing the Way"

Career counselling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards a right career path.

Students need to know the importance of career coaching and right guidance before they are going to choose an academic stream after taking the board exams. Career counselling will be helpful in choosing a career goal, planning and give a direction to students for a better future ahead.

We at Stanes School have a team of experienced Career Counsellors who help your child pick the right career that’s best suited to their interests, strengths and weaknesses.


Admission in Stanes school is soley based on merit. Kindly contact the School office for applications.

Student Life

Become part of the proud heritage of Stanites,and enjoy the exclusive stanes experience.


Unleashing the spirit of sportsmanship, team work & leadership, sports has a special part in Stanes culture.


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